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No thanks. I’ve already had to sell more than 4 billion dollars in my first year of trading forex, so I’m already pretty broke. And the only money I’ve ever made out of forex trading was from “investing” via forex trading. If there were money to be made, I’d be running a hedge fund or consulting firm, or making speeches. There is none. There’s no money to be made from investing or trading on the forex market.

What’s the big idea behind ForexTrader?

What is Swing Trading? Learn How to Swing Trade the Forex ...
ForexTrader is based on the concept of trading for “money flows” – not necessarily real money. Think of it as a stock market for forex trading. Each time you buy a contract you’re buying a stream of currency flow from a currency broker, or from one of their subsidiary operations. Each currency broker has a balance of currency flows it owns for which it has been quoted. So if you own a large number of contracts, you’ll make money on each trade by buying from each currency broker in the stream.

The system then matches the price from the currencies quoted, and converts the contract. At the end of the trade, the currency broker has a currency flow of the contract they’ve bought, and you own the currencyflow. So if your bid is $100 and a currency broker offers $50 for the contract, which currency broker has it? Well, that currency broker has the contract, and it’s yours. That way you get to buy the currencyflow (or you may have traded your currencyflow) for as little as you’ve paid the higher bid.

A trader may also want to be assured of being able to take the price of the currency stream he wants to sell and simply buy back at a much higher price. For example, a forex broker may offer contracts priced $1.00-$6.00 per contract. If you want to pay $6.99, you would have to trade the entire stream for $6.99. If you sell the entirety of the stream, at whatever price you choose, you’ll have nothing to show for it because you already received your entire stream. No transaction fee or commissions!

The idea is to have a currency stream, and to be sure to use as large a currency stream as the trader desires. To do this, we simply use the trading engine to compare the bid and ask prices (to ensure you’re winning the price war) and automatically buy and sell

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