Can you retire on 500000? – Swing Trading Strategies Audiobook

You can start investing at 0, and increase to 100000 when you have the money to sustain yourself, and 100*500,000=1million,000

There are some interesting things you can do to achieve this:

Increase your savings rate.

– Invest in an ETF that has exposure to emerging markets (ETFs that have exposure to any of the above)


– Take advantage of a 401k matching contribution (or another IRA deduction)

– Pay dividends in some other way

– Buy shares in a hedge fund that manages currencies with negative interest rates

– Buy some shares in a stock exchange that offers low-cost trading

– Donate to charity, or invest in an index fund that invests in shares in the same stock index (like Vanguard)

– Have a pension

– Buy some real estate, or start a real estate investment trust (REIT)

– Sell your house, and sell some of the shares in it to a company that offers real estate deals to employees

– Go on a cruise

– Go to a ski resort

– Buy a car

– Work full time outside of finance

– Have a job

– Work in a service industry (for example, a massage parlor, an aquarium, a hotel, an airport, a bakery, etc.)

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