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If you are a person who appreciates the power of forex trading it would be great to know which forex currencies it may be valuable to you. The chart below will help you understand the exchange and the best place to get in on it. Click here to see the details on the FX-UK exchange.

Forex Market Trading Guide: Trading FX

As much a market as the Euro has become in this past year, even many Americans know little of what the currency is traded on. Fortunately, the UK has a wealth of trading information. FX-UK provides a wealth of information on both the daily market price of the currency and the currency pairs most traders prefer to trade. The latest data updates are available here and it will not take long to get your feet wet. When in doubt, find a trader and start trading.

Here is a quick primer on the differences between the currencies.
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1. The Euro is traded on the Frankfurt FX-CHN exchange but is also available in the other Eurozone FX markets. All Eurozone FX exchange, the Swiss CHF (CHF), has a spot price in USD.

2. In the US, the currency can only be traded on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) or the NYME (NYMEX). In Euroland (which includes Australia, Canada, UK, Germany and the United States) it can be traded by any FX broker (if they offer futures trading), however, it is only possible to trade the single Euro for a small amount of other currencies.

3. Because the Euro is issued directly by the Bank of Spain and not a Fiat currency, it is fully convertible to any common currency.

FX-UK allows up to 50% off the spot price on all its trades, although you will be required to pay some fees for this. In other words, if you want to buy at a discount and sell at a profit, get a spot trading account here.

For more great trade ideas visit FX-UK.

All charts, source: FX-UK

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