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Trade on intraday or over-the-counter markets, such as CBOE, FXTM and Nasdaq, and use electronic markets such as E-mini S&P 500, MSCI EAFE, Stoxx and ICE Euro-60.

I have been a trader long enough to know that most successful ones make their first million dollars in a few months. The good news is that you can build a pretty good wealth in less than six years.

In this video, I will outline how I made 3 million in less than two decades, and you can follow in my footsteps as a short selling trader if you are interested.

What are the best intraday trading books and courses?

Most successful intraday traders make their first million or more in a short time, and often find it the toughest part of their trades.

Here are some of the best book and course recommendation material at the moment.

Intraday Trading


Most of all, here is the best information that’s available to you online. Most of my own courses can be downloaded online and used offline.

I will also occasionally blog about my investment and trading strategies as well as other things in life. Keep your eyes peeled.

Intraday trading starts here:

I don’t recommend starting from zero but if you have a plan and an idea in place, then you can start making progress very quickly.

I recommend this post from Jim Williams, the author of Intraday Trading: A Beginners Guide.

I’ve also written this blog post on the fundamentals of intraday trading, which can be found here:

Intraday Trading Fundamentals.

And a blog on what to expect in the first few months of trading:

I also recommend:

The Intraday Trading Course. A detailed explanation of the basic aspects of intraday trading strategy.

The Intraday Trading Series. A series of posts that gives real practical experience of intraday trading. You can take the course at once and start practicing today.

This blog post:

For an extra bit of practical advice and motivation, I’ve written the Intraday Trading Bundle

For more information about the Intraday Trading course, a post about the intraday trading guide and a post about intraday trading strategies, click here:


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