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You can only tell when something has swung. When something has not swung yet. It is up to the trader to figure out when swings begin and when they have reached their maximum swing. There is no exact formula. Many traders start with a swing of $50 a month and move to higher swings as they gain experience. After a period of getting it right, they usually lower their swing by another $20 or so. After a period of getting it wrong, they sometimes move up $20 to $25. In general it is a guess but when you can measure and predict it is usually accurate. It is not easy to read swing swings and there is not a magical answer.

How does one tell when a trade has finished?

When you hear that a trade has finished, do not worry, because that does not mean it has ended.

The best way to gauge the end of a trade is to look at the market capitalization. In this scenario, if you can see the price change at the close of the trade, it means the trade has ended well. You just need to read your stop loss and be patient. There are many traders that fail to do this.

What are all of the trading styles available?

The most popular trading styles that investors choose are daily, weekly, monthly, weekly or daily-weekly. Monthly-weekly or daily-daily-weekly trading may work for long term investors. This would mean that your trades will close every three days. All of the daily and daily-weekly traders are trying to predict what will happen in the market. When they cannot, they go short. In this scenario, many of them fall into a trap. They short sell, they buy when the market is high. They will find themselves losing $5 to $6. To avoid this, traders need to have good instincts, be patient and do not take shortcuts.

In this article, we will continue to explore some of the trade styles available and we will discuss where to look in the market charts for each style.

Futures trading is always risky. Futures have been called the “futures of the future” because they can go up and down within a matter of seconds. Most of the time, we don’t know what the price will be. When a market has a large number of futures, most traders are not successful as they have very limited time. It is a good idea to look for opportunities when prices are at a low point.
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