How can you tell swing highs and swing lows? – Short Swing Trading Definition Pdf Format

Well in the next step we will look at the Swing-High and Swing-Low lines.

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Next we will look at Swing – High

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The Swing High and Swing Low lines start with the Swing/Low line (the “low” line of a triangle (2)).

Notice that the Swing/Low line moves in the negative direction but it is at the same time positive. It goes from the positive (low) number to the negative (high) number. We will look at this in more detail in next part.

It looks like what we have in the previous step. We have the Swing/Swing line going from the positive to the negative. If we move the horizontal black line up and down (or even up and down), all of the horizontal lines go up the positive, and all the vertical lines go down the negative. This means that all lines we are showing here are moving up. This is because the horizontal black line on the swing line is the Swing/Swing line.

The Swing-High and Swing-Low lines only look at the swing line itself. They do not have the Swing/Low line.

In other words, the Swing High and Swing Low lines is only telling us about the swing line as it is in the swing. It is just looking at the horizontal black line as it is in the swing. When we put a vertical black line on the swing line, we need to move the horizontal black line up all the way to the Swing/Low line. Then we show the Swing/Low line in its negative angle as it goes from the Swing/Low line to the Swing/High line. This will show us that the Swing is at the swing high, not the swing low.

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Next we want to look at Swing – High

See the Swing-High line in yellow. The bottom line of that triangle looks very similar to the low line of the triangle. This line goes downwards.

So in a swing, the Swing-High line looks just like the Swing/Low line. Because we are looking down on the Swing-High line, the lower line should be above, not below the lower line on the Swing-Low line.

For example, if we put a horizontal black line on the Swing-High line and lower the horizontal line a bit to the same point before putting another horizontal line on the swing-high

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