How do I become a better swing trader? – Swing Trading Definition

Learn as much as you can. I’m a swing trader and like to be in the trenches and working on data like the one above. If you only have information from just a few years ago, you’re really going to be lacking on that front. I want to go over the basics of finance (e.g. why bonds are valuable, why the stock market is rigged on a daily basis, why stocks and bonds fluctuate wildly all the time) for those who’d like to become a better trader and can’t afford them in real life. If you can’t tell me the basics for yourself, the best place to start is the video below:

The Video: From Beginner to Professional

This video is probably the most informative you can get on what the basic elements are for each of the strategies I discuss in an hour-long podcast like this. It shows how all the different strategies work and shows a specific strategy of mine. In most cases of making money, it makes the most sense to just focus on a specific strategy and focus on that rather than trying to figure out all the nuances of individual strategies.

When you look over this video, I’ll ask you to share if you have any information that you think is of value to the world and help me with that. This video is the first step in getting started.


I am going to do some pretty serious research for this post. I’m going to show you how you can do more profitable trades on a lower fee basis and how that’s going to make you more money per trade as a side benefit. I am going to cover a lot of different topics but I will make it very clear that the majority of them are unrelated to finance and I will be highlighting a few of those topics.

The best thing we can do for our trading success is to understand how the entire market works. The more you think about how the various factors (speculation, market mechanics, human psychology, etc) affect this market, the more information you will have to make informed money decisions.

A lot of the information I will share with you will come from other people. In fact, some of it has come from my own traders and others. I will be doing my best to get as much information as I can on each of the different strategies I mention in this post.

With that said, I am not trying to just throw you into a world of financial doom and gloom. I’ll be teaching a lot about

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