How long do swing trades last? – Day Trading And Swing Trading Strategies For Stocks

While there are no concrete figures on swing trades at this point, the trend is clear in that long positions tend to increase in length and price on the lower end.

“From a price action perspective, the longer the trade the more important it is for the individual trader to stay on top of it all. If the trader has an edge over other traders in volume, then his trades tend to end up being larger. But it’s not always about volume. Most traders are getting rid of the longer positions at the same time. That’s why we see longer swings from the shorter positions than the average trader has, because they’re simply being pushed back.”

How do swing trades work?

Traders make swing trades by buying low and selling high. However, to hedge against a stock’s volatility, many traders take profit by trading with leverage.

“Leverage works well for volatility, and if all of your trades are at a leverage level like we see here, you should really think of that as taking risk,” explains Stacey. “It could potentially wipe out the profit you’ll get while your position is still open. You need to be willing to bet on the trade and not sit and wait for the price to move back up.”

What type of trade do you recommend?

“If only one trader is taking a lot of these types of position, but the other traders are willing to take much more than you are at the same leverage, then you’ll have an excellent trade. You have a good trade if you’re taking only a fraction of the risk of your other trading partners while you’re also taking the most risk of theirs.”

What advice would you give to new traders?

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“It’s easy to get fooled this way by others who are taking bigger risks. Make sure you keep the size of your trade under control so that you’re not being squeezed by the leverage,” Stacey says. “The reason why this happens is because you need to keep an eye so you can make a better trade every time you go through the motions.”

For more on leverage, visit the Money Basics blog (in Spanish).

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