How much do day traders make per year? – Swing Trading For Dummies 2Nd Edition

Day trading is one of the oldest forms of investment. There’s no better indication of how well a market is doing than the difference between the book value/price of a security on the day the contract expires and when it’s put on the exchange (the “vesting period”). When a book value contract is put on the market, the price of that new security is equal to the current volume of trading in the security, weighted on the basis of the daily volume of shares in exchange custody, less the volume of shares already held in the portfolio. If no new shares are bought in the market, the book value of the security remains unchanged, and all gains will be the same.

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The price of a day trade contract is equal to the price of a day’s average volume over that time period, which is multiplied by (1 + 10 * (D+M)) to get the weighted average price of shares within 20 minutes of the contract’s expiration (or, equivalently, the daily average volume and weight). That daily volume is the volume that will be traded over the next twenty-four hours. If there is no day trade, you’ll be paid one and only one value for a day. That’s because all day trading is a day on the market; if there’s no day trade, it’s all just one day in the stock market.

If you’d like to learn some basics about what’s going on in the day trading markets, check out this video I did with Dan O’Rourke (@dr_r1k), founder of O’Reilly Wealth, which examines daily prices of shares for over 70 investment and ETFs.

The following chart illustrates the price of new equity securities in the stock market over the first day of trading following the settlement of a day trade on May 23-24, 2017. The red line represents the market open (the moment the trade is made) and the blue line represents the closing price of the last closed shares at the date the trade was made. That’s a daily window for equity trading in the stock market since the opening of every day since the Fed’s June 2015 rate hike, as shown on the left side of the chart.

There are a myriad of daily trades that happen in the stock market, which I discuss in the following video.

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