How much do day traders make per year? – Swing Trading Strategy Guide Ally Financial Inc

(based on my own experiences)

Day traders do some very well and some not so much.

On average, I would say (based on over 100 trades for the past 8 months), the average day traders make 0.11 BTC per trade.

How much would you charge for such a service?

I would not charge you for such a service; but I wouldn’t charge much either because I can imagine that some people who would like to do such a service would not consider it worthwhile and not be able to justify the amount of time it would take.

You can start to get a sense of this when you compare the fees and the total number of trades.

This is for example, trading Bitcoin for USD 1.50 and USD 6.70 (and $0.50 USD).

On Bitcoin, the amount of trading and the total trading volume are both more than 1% of the total trading volume of the last month.

On USD 2.00, the trading volume and the trading volume total 0.02% combined. Of total trading volume of 1.00.

Here, I think it would be very good if you could use the trading API for trading.

I think trading API is a good tool and will be used in my future. I only asked on Twitter and I might not be able to comment anymore since I didn’t receive any response.

I hope it was useful. My apologies if it was confusing.



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