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This chart lists your daily amount each month of interest payments on a 20% down payment. Remember, $50,000 is only the amount you have to spend to maintain a 20% down payment on an 80,000 square foot house. If you have a larger down payment, your payment would be a little lower. There are a number of factors that will affect whether or not you can maintain a 20% down payment. These include the number of years of interest you are paying, the size of your down payment, the cost of purchasing an existing home and other major purchasing decisions.

In the chart above, $30,000 is the “typical” amount of monthly payments for a 20% down payment. This includes 20 years of payments and a minimum of 15% of the property value which allows for the down payment. In these cases, the minimum down payment of $30,000, assuming the property continues to increase in value, will be more than the typical $10,000 down payment.

Here’s a comparison of a house with an 8% down payment with a house with a 5% down payment. There is more money for future homeowners, in part because they will be able to take advantage of a lower income and tax credits, which means they may pay down more of their payment.


Barely four hours after the BJP’s victory in the Lok Sabha election in the states of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh, the BJP’s candidate in Goa, Narendra Dabholkar, has called for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s resignation saying the incumbent government was the cause of the country’s problems.

“As a Muslim in the country, I have no problem to talk of what we’re witnessing in our country, but I need to speak about what the prime minister of India actually said in the last couple of days. This is the cause of a lot of problems in our country,” Dabholkar said in an interview with News18, the channel run by Aaj Tak.

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The Goa BJP chief has given a series of interviews to news channels and is known to be one of the first politicians who openly criticises Modi’s policies on demonetisation, GST and demonetisation.

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The U.S. government has not had a clear sense of “how many immigrants from around the world this country will accept during this period,” U

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