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Top 20 Most Influential Members:

The most Influential Members make up 100%, while 20/20 members don’t get a point for their own list. To be a member of the Leaderboard, you have to be on the Top 100 Influentials list:

Who is on the List?

For this list, I’ve included all of the names on the League of legends leaderboards, but for other items, I’ve left it blank.

For the Top 20 Influential Members list I’ve given the entire League of Legends roster a rank. They get 10 points for that (each), plus 5 points for their own roster name.

How does it work?

You can earn points simply for becoming a member of the leaderboard (by gaining a spot on it). If someone joins, as long as the same person does not leave the team, you will add him/her to your list if there are enough points.

If the person on your list is an inactive member, you won’t get a point for them. The points go out through the leaderboard and anyone can see these points.

You can get any of the player’s names from there, too. Just search using the user’s name. It’s easy to do from the League of Legends game, and they’ll only add the player if they are added.

Does I have to be on a champion?

No. You can add anyone to your list, and you don’t have to be on a champion. They’re all free to join if they want to.

What does getting into the leaderboard do?

For this, you earn points that you can spend on your own personal rank on the League of Legends leaderboard. Points are awarded to the players based on their own personal ranking. The system is similar to an award-by-work, as long as the person adds players to their list and does not leave.

What’s the point system?

The leaderboard is built as a ranking system, giving a point for each unique item and champion that an author purchases with their personal points. When we think of the “leaderboard,” we’re thinking

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