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IBD is an expensive disease. The median age for an early onset IBD patient is 38, which is over twice as old as the median age for the general population of people diagnosed with the common cold. If your diagnosis included any of the following conditions, then the time needed to recuperate from an IBD diagnosis equals the amount of money it would cost to cover all your expenses for the rest of your life.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Crohn’s disease

Hodgkin’s disease



Cecil’s disease

Genitourinary tract diseases

Diabetic bowel disease

Chronic fatigue syndrome

Genital warts



Colonic cancer

Celiac disease

Crohn’s disease is the most expensive disease to recover from. An estimated 17 million people in America have contracted this condition at some point in their lives. In fact, Crohn’s disease remains the most expensive disease for recovery after any acute or chronic disease. Over 20% of people with IBD have suffered from a condition within the last 2 years and may have some sort of inflammatory condition (Hodgkin’s, Crohn’s, and others).

An estimated 15.3 million people are diagnosed with IBD every year worldwide. If you would to die of a heart attack today, your chance is roughly one in 1,842,500. If you were born in 2000, your chance is slightly better than one in 50 million. Your chance at a heart attack in your lifetime is about 15 times greater than your chance when you are 50 to 75 when you were born. If your chance of developing an IBD-related illness doubles, that means that you have a 13x greater chance of developing an IBD-related illness than someone who is the same age 2 decades ago.

Cost of a cancer death: $1.1 to $6.1 million

A cancer cancer death is one of the most expensive types of healthcare expenses. About one in 11 people will survive their first cancer death and one in 50 will survive their last cancer death. It’s estimated that one in 5 Americans may develop cancer while they are alive. A cancer death costs approximately $15 billion to $45 billion per year in the US annually. That’s an almost three-fold increase in the

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