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Or do you trade the price of gold in order to make money? A friend of mine is a market player and he asks him… Free View in iTunes
The Psychology Of Trading Learn to trade forex with our ...

27 Clean Episode #1 – The History of Bitcoin Episode #1 – The History of Bitcoin How Bitcoin got started? What are the characteristics of a Bitcoin and what is the difference between them? A very interesting episode and definitely worth listening to. Free View in iTunes

28 Clean Episode #22 – Do you have an interest in cryptocurrency? What is the role and value of cryptocurrency in your financial outlook? How does the Bitcoin network compare to traditional banks? What would your ideal financial system look like? Free View in iTunes

29 Clean Episode #21 – How does it affect your business? This is an interesting episode to hear from a cryptocurrency expert. He gives an update on Bitcoin futures, an overview of cryptocurrency as a concept, and explains why the price is so volatile right now. Free View in iTunes

30 Clean Episode #20 – How does Bitcoin work? This episode is about how Bitcoin works and why it is so powerful. It is a great listen, especially if you are a beginner interested in Bitcoin. Free View in iTunes

31 Clean Episode #18 – Are you a digital currency trader? This episode is about the digital currency trading market, which has a huge number of traders and traders. A great episode for anyone that thinks about trading cryptocurrency. Free View in iTunes

32 Clean Episode #17 – A Bitcoin in Your Pocket? This episode is a great one as far as what Bitcoin is. What is the value of Bitcoin? Is it a store of value and a means of payment? What does it mean for the U.S. dollar? This is an interesting episode and worth listening to. Free View in iTunes

33 Clean Episode #16 – Are you an investor in the cryptocurrency market? A classic episode that is about investing in cryptocurrency. Is it a way to save a lot of money or can it be a tool for generating income and wealth? Enjoy the talk with John McAfee. Free View in iTunes

34 Clean Episode #15 – A Bitcoin in your Wallet This episode is really good, and it’s definitely one of the best. Enjoy all the talk with John McAfee about cryptocurrencies. Free View in iTunes

35 Clean Episode #14 – What is cryptocurrency? This episode is about the cryptocurrency and where the future is. Do you get excited about cryptocurrencies? Are you a beginner that isn’t sure what they are? Listen

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