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No, in fact it is alive and well! When you are a business owner of the first or second generation of these software applications that rely on the market fundamentals of an understanding of market data to make decisions and to make money, you should be worried about IT in general and the IT industry more specifically.

As I said in my article on the last post, the biggest growth areas for IT are the health and health care sectors. As far as IT is concerned the growth in IT has been driven primarily by the growth of medical, health care and life science software services, which use their own underlying data, not from the market fundamentals.

The key challenge for those who think that the market fundamentals drive IT growth is that the markets for the companies they are working for are much bigger than anyone else’s.

Think about healthcare, life sciences or the entire IT industry for a moment. There are companies that are larger and in some cases better at what they do than other companies in each of these markets.

For every company like Microsoft, Oracle or Google there are hundreds of other companies with their own particular challenges that they must deal with. This means that the market for software has shifted very rapidly over the years. This means that there are hundreds more markets that have seen a greater expansion in markets like health, life sciences, or the IT industry, even than there were in the past.

Think about it, IT has grown from $2 trillion (in 1991 dollars) to $12 trillion in the last 15 years. That is an incredible growth, especially when compared to the growth of any single industry.

There’s no single growth metric to tell you how much of this growth is driven by the market fundamentals and how much is driven by IT. Instead, all you can possibly do is use these market fundamental data to tell you how you should be reacting in any particular case.

For example, what do we know right now about healthcare in the US?

The health and medical sector in the US is much bigger than it was 10 years ago. The most important reason is that health management software has grown very fast and will continue to grow over the next few years.

Think about what the health care market looks like:

In the previous section we looked at the data and told you that more health insurance companies use health management systems than did 10 years ago. In the first two years of use, they have more than doubled their users and total revenue from the market.

Think about

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