Is Technical Analysis dead? – Swing Trading Strategies

Technological Analysis is going to have a bright future, and so does the software we all use every day.

What are the next big trends in software in 2017? Here are four (but don’t be fooled, the year 2018 is only an inkling):

The National Archives and Records Administration has released an extensive, detailed inventory of the records related to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, a record that has been available only for a mere eight hours. It reveals that the Warren Commission, in their review of the evidence, discovered that there was no such document as the President’s “Secret Commendation to the People of the United States.” Also, there were no transcripts for the meeting between Kennedy and the National Security Council, the meeting at which the President, Vice President, Attorney General and President’s Special Counsel met to draw up the President’s plan for the assassination. And there were no documents that could be linked to the assassination at the Texas School Book Depository, or to the Warren Commission’s recommendations to that effect.

In the middle of the night on November 27, 1963, a few hours after taking the oath of office, President Kennedy told a large gathering at the Dallas County Courthouse, “It was not the fault of any one person.” He went off on an unusually brief and terse two-paragraph statement, which ended by saying, “Those of us in positions of responsibility, including myself, must look in the mirror every day and ask ourselves the question; who am I?” He concluded, “I have no more reason to be pessimistic about our chances than before about my chances of victory in a war.”

In the first section of the records release, the records of the Warren Commission, the most famous body in the U.S. government charged with investigating the assassination, provide a detailed chronology of events, starting with the announcement of the assassination in Dallas that evening. The record contains documents related to:

The initial decision of Lee Harvey Oswald’s father, Jack, to sell the firearms he had purchased that morning, which he intended to kill the president.

That day’s events, which led to Oswald’s shooting the president and killing a bystander, as well as the discovery of Lee Harvey Oswald’s rifle.

As the Warren Commission conducted their investigation, many new facts came out that challenged the theory that the lone gunman in Dallas, who left behind a trail of blood and fingerprints that led to the president’s murderer, was a lone assassin.

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