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Swing is simply a number used to track changes in the price of a security. It is a common stock valuation metric. It is essentially using an index to help assess how the stock market is performing. Most investors would use the S&P 500 for example. A value of 25 would be considered “normal.”

Why is the S&P 500 considered “normal”?
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In order to accurately assess the performance of a stock, many investors look at the market as a whole, rather than comparing stocks within an investment portfolio. However, there are a few reasons why investors do not simply look over an investing portfolio and choose the best portfolio from it. One reason is the risk involved with making a large number of investment decisions. A small price difference in your portfolio may have a negative impact on your financial future. Another is that it is difficult to know in advance how the market will react to specific transactions.

How are investors different in comparing stocks?

In order for a stock to be considered “in-the-money” as of the end of a particular trading day, it must be trading above a certain level called the high or low floor. The highest floor is usually between 12 and 16. At these levels, the stock will continue to go up with little volatility. At the lower levels, volatility decreases and the stock is considered “in-the-money” only at the expense of increased losses. If you are reading this article, you can assume that a number of shares are either being bought at a low floor or sold at a high floor.

There are two common stock markets for mutual funds. In US markets, most stock values are set by mutual fund managers and the money managers’ expectations. In Europe, the market values are set by investment managers’ opinions.

Does a stock price move daily?

All stock prices move daily. They change hourly as shown below. However, a price movement is different in different markets.

Stock movements can be shown in the following ways. In the stock market, if there is a swing, the market moves upward or downward in the opposite direction. In the US markets, this can be represented as + or minus sign with a dot at the end representing a higher or lower price.

Example One:

In Example 1, the price increased from 19.7 to 24.5 and then decreased. This indicates that the momentum started to lose strength. The swing is the swing in price, as shown in the figure above

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