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Forex is the exchange of currencies against one another. A swing trade is a trade between two currencies that represents a different position of the asset in a currency against the other currency. This is similar to trading the position of stocks against another when they are on the same side of the market. A real life example of a swing trade is buying gold to hold against a currency in a currency that you own. A good example of the trade would be with the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

How does it work?

When there are multiple currencies in the market, it is a trade between different price segments on other currencies. For example, you may be looking to buy the German Bund, the U.S. Dollar or French Le Petit D’Or.

When one of the currencies is on a higher end, you would expect the other to fall back to the market to sell at the lower price. However, it’s common for the currency to rise at time to get the other one back up.

How does it fluctuate?

Forex is a complex market, and the price movement of currencies is also heavily influenced by other factors. This means that if you aren’t familiar with the currency, it can be hard for you to figure out what to buy/sell for. The only way you can really get a feel for what to buy/sell at is to read the quotes of the exchange and compare against the market price.

Some of the important factors to keep in mind are:

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