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In order words the opposite of regular money management:

Scalping happens when a stock manipulates the stock price due to an inherent psychological aspect to the value of the stock. Scalping occurs when a stock manipulates a stock price to be more attractive relative to all other stocks of a similar size.

What are the advantages of scalping?

The biggest advantage is that there are usually lower prices for stocks because there is more available for them to buy and sell. Scaling is usually associated to an increase in leverage (higher leverage means a rising stock price).

The largest advantage is that because of the lower prices you can use more money to buy stock and sell another, thus increasing your leverage.

How does it work?

Because of the lack of information, many traders do not make good decisions in their investment decisions. They trade stocks that they are aware of and think are cheap, but don’t understand the underlying value of that stock. The result is that they get into a huge trade and they don’t get out because they have to buy and sell even more stocks than they already own!

To avoid this effect, they might try to buy lower priced stocks that they can sell at a discount from their existing position in order to get some money out of the trading.

The benefit of scalping is that there can usually be a significant trading volume around the stock, even if the stock is not trading on Wall Street at any volume. Also the downside can be avoided which is usually the other problem most traders are aware of. You get to make as much money as you can on a very small number of trades while avoiding the risk of losing your profits!


Imagine that you have a mutual fund that you buy at $100 and you see it trading for $150.

On that day you make a $120 profit on the stock you bought for $100 and you sell the $150 position for $200 a day later at $180.

How can I scale it to make more money on low volume stocks?

You can scale a stock portfolio by adding more stocks to it each day, which means that on average, you are taking a higher risk on low volumes of stock.

What about leverage (increase in leverage means a rising stock price)?

This depends primarily upon the market factors that you know about and the level of leverage that you want to use in order to make more money.

But what if leverage

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