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Professional traders tend to use their computers, not their hands. They use stock price and trade to get a big profit. Some of them use a computer for daily price check for several days, and if they get a big profit, they send it to his bank account to pay for it.

Professional traders usually wait for good market to end, or better, for stock of high liquidity to start trading, so that they can make a profit in the market.

Some trades are done manually, others it is done by computer.

Most of the time the computer does all the calculations and trades.

What computer should I use to buy and sell stocks?

Most computer traders use windows 8.

This is good, because it has support for windows xp, which is outdated. Windows XP has some issues, but it will provide support for windows 7. I would like to see this feature added to windows 7 at some time, because it works fine.

I’m using this computer, it runs Windows 7.

Yes. This computer has enough memory to run windows 8 with a good balance. Just make sure to disable the Aero feature. Windows 10 has no Aero feature.

Are there any other requirements?

Yes, some websites do not recognize the OS. However, you can access some sites and use the software.

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I am using windows, I am unsure if I need this product.

You should try this program. This is a free software, there will be no risk in downloading this software.

Incorrect information

The author can not be held responsible for any damage you may cause caused, while using this software.

Why the author says this is “Free software” but it does have fees for some features. I can’t use these features free.

When I downloaded this, I was warned that I should buy the license. Why not just buy the license outright?

There is no license, but you can get a very basic version for free. This is just like downloading software. You can keep on using the free version for longer.

The author says that there are “hardware limitations” that have not been addressed for windows 8, however. Microsoft has confirmed this and that they are working on this issue, and will provide a more complete solution for desktop and laptop systems that don’t support all the features.

This software is not perfect and still needs a few improvements and bug fixes.

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