What type of trading is most profitable?

Trading for the most price will bring you the highest ROI, while trading for the right price will keep you profitable.

What are other aspects that make a good market maker?

A good market maker takes on a role of “investment banker” in providing information to the market makers and monitoring their investments. They are responsible for making sure the market makers are buying the best possible items and don’t get them flooded.

Where can I find good market makers?

There are a lot of good market makers currently offering this service, but the ones you can find online are not 100% correct yet. There’s no doubt that there are many good market makers online that would know the things you want and will help you with your trading. It takes time to become a market maker, so don’t hesitate to contact a few market makers like Kishor or me on Twitter.

How do you market yourself?

You can do market making by yourself, or you can also hire help to do market making for you. I personally use Kishor and Kishori as my market makers because my trade history is very deep and I want to optimize each and every trade I make as much as possible.

From MozillaZine Knowledge Base

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