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1-10 (mean ± SD)

Day-to-day movement

Averaged daily movement in ascending or descending order over 1,000 days is shown in the chart above. This is better than the average 1,000 day chart, which shows average movement across several days. This chart shows movements that have varied substantially and in varying degrees.

Overall trends

The overall daily movement in ascending and descending order is better. This can be attributed to greater variability and more days with similar daily movement.

It should come as no surprise that we find a trend in the ascending direction. After all the chart is not the same as the 1,000/1,000,000 chart. While we do see movement in ascending directions, it is a different thing entirely. While the 1,000/1,000,000 chart is clearly going up the stock is not going up! The direction is up and not up. What does it mean from a price action standpoint? What are we looking for in terms of moving our money into a bullish market where the moving average shows strength?

For that we need to look at the technicals. Look for a movement that is going up and not up. With this in mind, I am not sure if we will see much of a price move up over the next 30-90 days. We may see some move up within a period of weeks before moving back down again.

To move our money into a bullish market we should be looking to increase our risk. That is, we need to be looking towards some move in the opposite direction of the moving average. For this reason I think we will be looking at some short-term moves, possibly some short-term gains, to increase our risk. This will allow our money to go up.

In addition the following chart shows the average weekly moving value of the S&P 500 for the 1,000-day period ending on January 4th, 2015 (the most recent day for which prices can be checked). We can clearly see that the average weekly value is higher than the 1,000-day moving average. This is because it is higher because that has been a greater daily variance and a higher level of volatility. This has likely kept some of the gains below the 1,000-day moving average since those were higher daily values.


The data on the “10 Best Stocks of 2015” chart and the chart above shows an uptrend coming and a downside trend

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