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The richest trader in the world is a man called Glencore (GLEN.L), which owns 8.14 per cent of the company. His wealth is estimated at $3.3 trillion. His wealth also includes real estate in London, Monaco and Switzerland.

Glencore’s chairman is Ivan Glasenberg, who also runs Switzerland’s Glencore.

Who is the second richest day trader in the world?

In recent years, the biggest day traders were China’s Hainan Railway (HKLX) and Citigroup (C). In 2012, they held a combined $2.7 billion in shares and were worth just over $11.2 billion each. Hainan’s chief executive is Wang Jianlin, who was once chairman of Citigroup.

Who is the richest commodity trader in the world?

There is one day trader in the commodities industry and that is Glencore: just five days ago, Glencore’s stock price fell dramatically. But that has since risen, which makes him the richest commodity trader in the world: he is worth $3 billion.

So who is the richest economist?

Here’s a brief survey, using a very generous assumption about economist salaries. In 2010, the last year of the study on salaries, the economist most likely to be earning more than $60,000 per year was James Kwak. He was earning $65,250 per year.
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The most likely candidate for the top spot is Tim Harford, whose $63,000 salary in 2007 is a staggering $2.8 million in today’s money.

Here’s Harford’s salary in 2007.

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