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(Source: Bloomberg)

With a $8.1 trillion market cap and an extremely strong track record of picking winners, the last thing Donald Trump needs is a crash.

Trump and most of his advisers want to be big winners for at least a second term, and have given no indication that they plan to sell out. But on Wednesday afternoon, Trump’s lawyers sent him a letter stating that he needed to stop using their services temporarily in order to comply with a lawsuit accusing him of colluding with the Russians to rig the presidential election.

The action comes the same day that a top aide to Trump, Corey Lewandowski, told a CNN reporter in a story published Wednesday morning that “If [Trump] loses in November and he becomes president, he’ll resign.”

Trump’s move means that his lawyers have given the president-elect some legal back-up to explain away the Trump Tower meeting, which they said “has caused many to speculate that Mr. Trump was aware of [the meeting] before it took place.” At present, Trump is barred from engaging in federal political activity while under investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller for his campaign’s ties to Russia.

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It also means that Trump’s team will not be able to use their private legal team in response to the latest news to claim that Trump’s team is “unfit” to be president.

Trump and his lawyers have been careful to describe these last minutes of Trump Tower as a “fication” from what have previously been meetings between the president-elect and Russian government officials, rather than as an outright agreement that the Russian government would help with his campaign — as Clinton and the Democrats allege.

From the moment that she joined the CIA’s clandestine services in 1964, Claire Templeton studied intelligence methods. For those who know her, that experience provides a telling example of the depth of her understanding of how “the game” is played.

It’s not hard to see why some of her former colleagues find Ms. Templeton’s intelligence services both a source of pride and an embarrassment. They are able to get the most from her, and to take advantage of her.

For a quarter of a century, her services were used to collect information on hundreds of people and organizations, who were then exploited in the Cold War and in the Middle East, in a wide range of ways. The services made it easier for U.S. officials to make decisions about people and organizations. They also gave them opportunities to operate freely in private for

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