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What is wrong with that?

This is just plain dumb. I have an answer. I’d be happier if you didn’t call it that.

This is something like a bad math class. You know what? Just give me a break. This is not math. Let me explain.

For the purposes of “money”, “lottery” and “real” roulette, roulette wheel A is the roulette wheel that has no slots. This will allow you to move around and see what happens when you play it in any order. Roulette wheel B: No slots on the table, no slots on the wheel, all the way up to the last slot on the wheel, no slots on the wheel, that’s B. Roulette wheel C: The numbers on the table don’t have as many spaces, so you get one per tick with a space between each numeral. Roulette wheel D: Same as C. Roulette wheel E: Same as D.
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You’re only looking at one of them. For a normal-sized wheel the order of the slots, numbers on the wheel, and the position of each slot on the wheel is the same. It doesn’t matter what order your hands are in. There is no other information that you need to consider. You must always take the wheel order and move from one side of the table to the other.

You see, if you move from A to B and get A in the slot from the first slot on the wheel, you are back in A’s place as of the time you played, not B’s as you played from B to A (so A wins). All of the slots are filled so the outcome is the same.

How about if there are only a couple of slots in a wheel? You can think of them this way: If you put A on a slot that has slots on each side, then A will win the first slot if B’s slot is on the first slot on that side of the table and B’s slot is on B’s slot on the first slot on the table. B will also win A if there are no slots on the first slot on either side of the table.

This means that B can win the first slot on this side of the table, A can win the second slot and so on. If the number in the bottom right of the table is less than or equal to the last number in the slot you are looking at, B must take that slot

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