Are there any professional roulette players?

$150 Roulette Strategy

Of course there are! Roulette players have been around for hundreds of years! For example, we had a guy at one time, who was known as the “World Famous “King of Roulette,” which he used to go up and down the line. That was a game, and it was really impressive; it was a huge line!

Who won the longest straight line?

That’s a debate within the world of roulette. Some say 15 turns, or some say 17 years, but we don’t really have those data.

How many of each shape can one player play?

The longest straight line you can keep going is about 5½. They always start at 3½, and they don’t stop after 10 or 20. You can’t keep playing on the straight line.

Where is the longest straight line?

It’s really in the middle of Pennsylvania. It’s close for a lot of reasons, but mainly it’s the water. Most casinos, and all casinos on the West Coast, have water around them. So to keep going, you want to keep going to that middle part and not get anywhere, which is the center of Florida, and that’s really where the longest straight line is. Then it’s the southern part of New Jersey down to New York and then back up all the way.

Did anyone ever die while betting on the straight line?

Not really. One guy died on the line because he got off at 3½, which is really tough. Another guy just ran out of money. And sometimes the lines are going to look like that for no reason! Some of the lines actually seem like this in some ways.

Do you ever feel sorry for the guy with the longer straight line, or for the ones with a straight line?

Well, you could say it’s unfair. You have to take into account that those players were there to play. It’s not like there’s a lottery where you go down the line and the person on the other side has everything. You have to take into account the risk factor to the game, because the straight line seems to run out of material pretty quick.

You mention in the manual that the odds of winning are 1 in 9,000. Is this a myth?

No, it’s actually true. It’s just that you really can’t lose. If you lose a bet to someone with a lower odds of winning, you end that line and they win