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One man thought so.

His story appeared in the Jan. 30, 2001 issue of the New York Daily News.

Rouglette dealers control the ball in roulette-style games, but they do not use roulette balls, experts say. Instead, they use a slot machine with an automatic “spin.”

A slot machine without any roulette balls is called a coin-operated machine. The machine has a spinning wheel of slots and slot machines with roulette wheels are called coin-operated machines.

If the slot machine spins the roulet, it rolls into the slot and the wheel starts moving. If the slot machine spins the roulette wheels, the wheel stops a few millimeters off the floor and keeps spinning.

If the wheel moves too far, the wheel stops and the machine stops, or it automatically stops at the right position.

If the wheel spins too fast, the wheel stops before rolling into the slot so that it keeps spinning. The speed of the wheel can be kept steady, and the wheel turns automatically.

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When two or more machines spin at the same speed — when a roulette wheel spins the roulette wheel and the wheel stops on the roulette slot, for example — some roulette dealers may start to adjust the wheel.

If a roulette is spinning so quickly that the slot machine’s automatic stops stop at that point — as they do in slot machines that use slot machines with roulette wheels — the player can win by rolling the wheel into the slot.

But in an industry where many players win with a lottery ticket, a lucky few may win by rolling the roulette wheel into the machine at very fast speeds.

“When they have the roulette wheel spinning, the wheel speeds are so fast that as the wheel keeps spinning it is hard to control the ball,” said Roger Ramey, president and co-founder of C&G International, a manufacturer of coin-operated machines. “So the dealers do something else that is much more subtle. They get the wheel spinning to make it easier to control the ball.”

Some machine operators turn their wheel all the way off — like the coin-operated machines in bowling alleys, and slot machines with Roulette wheels, said Ramey. Others may control the wheel only a little with the wheel, and the game does not stop moving on the wheel.

The wheel of the roulette wheel is a key part of the game as it moves up and

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