Can roulette dealers control the ball? – Play Free Online Casino Roulette Games

I don’t know. But I think roulette dealers shouldn’t be allowed to pick a random number to start the game.

Can you win money by “playing” in roulette?

Absolutely. I’m a licensed dealer in New York, so I will give you my best odds. You can bet up to $2,000.

If you bet $2,000 to win, can you take anything?

No, not at all.

Have you had any trouble accepting money in roulette?

I’ve never had any problems but one problem. When I go to cash my winnings when I leave the dealer’s booth, I leave my identification with the dealer. If I go to a roulette machine I will notice the identification and if I bring my ID in, the roulette dealer will tell me he won’t accept it because the dealer said you should’ve brought the identification when you started that game.

So my identification doesn’t count as proof of ownership of the winning lot and you should have to return the winning lot?

You’re not talking about ownership, you’re talking about proof that you gave the dealer the winning lot.

I can only bet $2,000 to win, but if I want to win $1,000 I can do it, right? What’s the catch? And if you can’t win, and you’re not in good standing with the gambling commission, what’s the punishment for that, too?

A violation of the law. They’ll tell you what it is and fine you.

But in that case, you can pay a fine to avoid prison time, or you could just pay prison time.

No, I think you should be prosecuted. You should be prosecuted and punished. You don’t owe them, you can’t keep doing it and you didn’t win anything.

Well, you have that ticket in your locker in the locker room. You should be punished like we are.

Okay. This is a pretty big question that we need to get out. When you’re leaving a casino it’s not only common sense but the law says you have to open your locker and turn it over to the police.
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That’s not a law that we enforce here. That’s just an example of the kinds of things that we’re talking about.

Why is a lottery company supposed to know who you are?

Because the casinos are required to verify people

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