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Let’s play roulette on one game where I am going to be the dealer.”

Krissy had a look of surprise as she asked, “What game is this?”

Mikki replied, “There has been a lottery at the casino on the third floor the past few days and the prize is about three hundred dollars. The name of the game is ‘Roulette, Number Five’. It’s a three-card draw with a single die.”


Krissy’s jaw dropped, “You mean there are three players in the first round? I thought that’s the limit?”

“It is!” Mikki replied excitedly.

Mikki sat opposite Krissy and started counting the cards. When she got two she looked to her best friend and said,” I only have two.” Krum paused and asked if she wanted to play a four-card roulette? If the dealer asked for it, Krissy could offer it.

Krum said, “Alright, I’ll play one.”

As Krissy played she counted off the numbers, putting the lowest on her hand first. She put a one down when she saw that she had been correct and the dealer put two on her hand. Krissy quickly looked to her best friend and said, “I can tell you have the correct hand when you put down two.”

Krum smiled and said, “Then no one will suspect that I am winning any money for guessing the numbers on the first card.”

The young woman went from sitting opposite Krissy to the table next to them. Her face lit up when she saw her good friend’s confidence. She took the card and counted. There was no way anybody could have guessed she was sitting next to Krissy’s best friend. She then decided to try and guess the numbers on the rest of his hand. She placed a number in each of the three boxes marked ‘1’ through ‘4’. She started from the left and made her first selection. The dealer put a card in the box. She made her second selection and then went through the same process as before. As she kept doing this she found it was getting harder and harder to spot who came in next. She was starting to think she might be taking a wild guess from the dealer when a card was placed in the box.

Krissy heard the call as the dealer pushed his next card and then looked to her. The dealer said, “Your

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