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Yes – The following games have been updated in order to support this change:

Roulette (Puzzle)

Ticket to Ride (Rider)

The following games have been removed from use (these games only have a single roulette wheel):

Sailor Moon Crystal

Aqua Moto Racing

Magical Mix

Championship Manager 2009/2010

Race of Champions 2010

Cup Head Challenge

Ticket to Ride 1

Ticket to Ride 2

Ticket to Ride 3

Ticket to Ride 4

Ticket to Ride 5

Ticket to Ride 5: Race Against Time

Ticket to Ride X

Ticket to Ride: Triple Deluxe

A year after a federal judge ruled that Ohio’s strict voter ID law was unconstitutional and should be struck down — and before the state’s secretary of state announced that he was suing the federal government over the law’s impact on the voting rights of minority voters — those who are concerned that the new law may have disenfranchised minorities are now seeing the results of that court decision.

Ohio was the battleground state that Obama won by 18 percentage points in 2008 and carried by 20 percentage points in 2012. Republicans have been trying to make that 2012 win even more likely after the Supreme Court struck down the previous federal government’s strict voter ID law, saying it discriminates against minorities. The last major piece of the Obama administration’s voter identification efforts — the federal law that required all eligible voters to present photo IDs at the polls — will expire on Oct. 16.

This year, in a sign that this issue could be an important one for the Republican Party in 2016, the Republican National Committee has decided to go to great lengths to highlight voter fraud — and those who have been disenfranchised, in particular, of African-Americans and Latinos. For months leading up to Wednesday’s National Republican Hispanic Committee gathering in Houston and then the Republican National Convention in Tampa, GOP officials have been out promoting the importance of the election fraud to Democrats, while simultaneously emphasizing the importance of the vote to those who are trying to cast a ballot.

“We will fight every day to ensure that every Ohio voter can vote and has a voice in who represents them on Nov. 8,” RNC Chairman Reince Priebus said in a statement announcing the voter fraud announcement. “The President’s new voter ID law is nothing more than a poll tax to keep more Americans from voting. Our goal must be

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