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This is a rather ridiculous theory which is based on the premise that the person who creates your fortune is so much “evil” that you should stop playing, or else he or she will kill you. In this way one could argue that people like Robert Frobisher, who created the stock market, were not motivated by greed, but fear. To the modern mind, even the best businessmen (e.g. Thomas Edison, William Shockley, Alan Greenspan) didn’t do it because they were greedy — they did it because they were “evil.”

Is a man alive right now who killed himself because he thinks he’s “evil”? Of course not. It’s an awful thought, in any case, and people do not stop killing themselves — they just stop doing it when they realize their fears are unfounded.

3. “The Devil Wears Prada”

No, it does not make the perfect woman.

It’s easy to look at any successful woman like the best person on any planet, but the truth is that for a lot of women life is more frustrating than exciting, more exhausting than enjoyable, and more frightening than beautiful. (But hey — we’re trying to be inspirational, right?)

What’s actually harder than anything else women face is being a woman and trying to balance work, family, friendships, sexual relations and more — all while trying to balance your sexuality with a career (as if that were any harder than the world’s most successful woman ever).

This is why many women don’t pursue careers in which a woman is trying to balance all of that — which is why so many men do. “Look, it’s a hell of a lot of work,” they say. It’s a hard, hard job.

As a result of that struggle, women who love career, but have a hard time balancing work (or love), can look at other choices — like what they wear. Like this photo? There are thousands of the same clothes, which are very inexpensive (but not great). Which one do you think is better?

One thing that is amazing about the female experience is that no matter how hard or successful our lives might get, our choices are always limited. What we wear or what we say are no longer important. What’s important is who we are, not who the other is. That’s why it so important to wear shoes that are comfortable and keep our feet dry. Because who we are is just as important as their clothes,

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