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It might have been an out of body experience for him, a bit of paranoia that all those other guys, the ‘pioneers’ — all the ‘wizards’ — were just playing around and going off in different directions on a regular basis. A great idea in theory, yet very likely a very dangerous act in the real world.”The idea of this being a man’s mind, the fact that it takes place after the man has just taken a blow to the head, is something of an enigma, but it all becomes clearer when you notice that when he says, “I felt dead all of a sudden,” it’s not just a question of feeling “dead” at the moment, but of “all of a sudden.” The idea of a bullet killing the person is not a common one. It would be unlikely for there to be the time and place to do it. The idea is too complex, too complex to have been something that happened “all of a sudden” — it’s too complex to explain away. That idea, the idea that the bullet was fired at random and not aimed at the right target, is also a common misconception about the act of hitting a human opponent with a bullet. Most of it has its origin in popular culture. The fact that “all of a sudden” is a word associated with a shooting incident is in sharp contrast to the fact that the concept of an instant, violent “death” — especially the kind that takes place in the brain — is not one associated with shooting incidents. The notion that anyone has died because of the act of hitting a human opponent with a bullet is, in fact, a myth.The myth comes about when we start to look at historical accounts of a real-life “death” and, in most cases, a very quick death. It is said that a man from Connecticut was paralyzed and drowned when his gun jammed and he pulled the trigger. (He might have pulled his finger back, but it wasn’t “accidentally” firing the gun.) The legend has been repeated in many countries, especially in the U.K. and Australia, and it’s often claimed that these men had shot their victims right on the spot. In reality, one of them died in the hospital hours afterwards. And many of these men have died of other causes before the end of their life. The myth has been repeated in the U.S.A., especially in Texas, where it is said that a man called Harry “Pops” Hensley killed a man in
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