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Honey has been shown to increase testosterone levels in male rats, and some studies indicate that honey might have hormonal effects on women. However, other findings suggest the opposite, for example that honey may increase a women’s appetite for honeydew, a type of berry that the female reproductive system does not yet recognize. These conflicting results probably reflect different metabolic pathways, hormonal state, and dietary preferences of men versus women. In this review, we briefly review the research on the effects of honey in humans in order to answer specific questions about the role of honey as an aphrodisiac. We also discuss the potential effects of honey consumption on breast cancer susceptibility and the possibility of honey consumption as a risk factor for breast cancer.

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Honey is widely marketed as a “natural aphrodisiac” for health concerns (1). However, most studies are not designed to directly examine the effects of honey as an aphrodisiac. Instead, their aim is to determine whether honey increases testosterone for male rats or increases a woman’s appetite for the honeydew berry (2). In some studies, a honey increase was observed (e.g., (3, 5). Moreover, another study found that females exposed to honey increased their appetite for honey, which in turn may increase the chances that a man could obtain the honey (6). In particular, studies show that there is a high correlation between the consumption of honey and the likelihood of getting a dose of honey that a man enjoys (3, 5). However, other studies demonstrate that honey consumption might be deleterious (e.g., (7) with a possible reduction in a man’s ejaculation frequency and semen strength in response to honey; another study in men showed that men who consume honey for a night have less erections and have more difficulty achieving an erection than men who consume it for just one night (8). In addition, women who consume more honey may be more susceptible to the health effects of an excess honey intake (3, 5) and may be less likely to take part in sexual relationships during their honey consumption period (9). In summary, the evidence shows no consistent relationship

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