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The answer is yes, there have been hundreds of them and each one has brought the death of someone else. In the aftermath of their fall, they have to make do with whatever scraps they can get – some of these might be useful for future efforts to find a way out of our predicament, and some might even bring new possibilities and insights into what Russia must do if it is going to survive as a superpower.

There will be a lot of debate about the risks to Russia if there is a serious arms race in Europe; however, this discussion focuses on the economic and geopolitical consequences. I believe that Russia should, if possible, continue to play a constructive role, rather than engaging in reckless behavior. This article summarizes my thoughts on this subject.

I would like to point out that it is possible that this article is not the most timely piece on Russian-Russian relations available on the Internet; however, that is not the point. I believe that the article is important because I believe that by focusing on Russian-Russian relations in the aftermath of our recent problems, we avoid the common pitfalls of trying to make Russian-Russian relations as great as we would like them to be. This article provides a different opportunity to talk about Russian-Russian relations than we are used to.

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In this discussion, the author assumes an optimistic view of Russia’s status as a superpower and a pessimistic view of how it would fare in the long run. I will summarize my pessimistic opinion here: Russia is already at the end of its life as a great power and is, therefore, not well positioned to continue the development it began decades ago and which, until the last few years, made it one of the world’s strongest and most powerful countries. We have, however, made a number of positive attempts to develop relations with Russia to strengthen its capacity as a powerful member of the world alliance system, and the results of these efforts were not encouraging. The world is not interested in Russian-Russian relations as they are now, because the world is not in the mood to invest in Russia’s growth as it is. This problem will not be solved by any single country or individual, because I believe that it will require a global effort to bring all nations, and not just one, to the negotiating table where everybody will have to be engaged and willing to work. The next few years will determine how much will have changed in Russia’s relations with the rest of the world.

This article presents a different perspective on Russia’s relations with the world, compared with

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