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Or has it been used to rob someone?

My response: no Russian roulette. It is very unlikely it has been used to rob anyone, and in fact very likely it has been used to rob the state. The vast majority of Russian guns are owned by Russian people themselves, and the vast majority of them do not want to be robbed, or so they claim. When the authorities put out a “No Rifles” sign at the entrance to a national park, not one person stepped through to get rid of their arms.

On the other hand, the vast majority of Russian guns that do end up in the hands of criminal organizations or militia members have just recently been acquired, or were bought for the first time, during a “restrictive” period on guns that was announced at the end of August, and only after the government decided to “ban” the sale of most of the guns in Russia. The authorities had made several attempts to bring down the prices of Russian guns with a big price increase since late August, after Russian President Vladimir Putin took office several months earlier. The most important of these price rises was at the “No Rifles” sign, which had been installed by the authorities and then removed by the owners and the new owners who had bought the guns with a new price increase.

It’s not clear how many guns had changed hands through these price increases, or how many had been sold under the old price increase (for example, after a new price increase). Nevertheless, in Russia when the laws are changed, those who did not pay the price increase can be prosecuted, and not those who did accept the increase. The number of crimes involving new guns with new prices is very low, and most of these do not lead to arrest and prosecution. The most violent crimes involve older guns, most of which were bought with a price increase.

What is the relationship between “price hike” and “restriction”?

“Restrictive” means that guns cannot be purchased, and that new owners can only have a very limited number of guns, which is a form of “no-restriction”. No new gun is allowed to be owned, at any price other than its original price.

Price increases can be considered “restrictive” when the changes can affect the entire product, and when the price increases result in consumers being forced to purchase less guns or other arms. For example, the Russian government has been cracking down hard on private gun shows in recent times, to the

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