Has anyone died Russian roulette?

You could have been caught with one out of 10,000, with the last death, probably within the last couple of years, being Ivan Novikov, a retired colonel, an officer of the Russian Navy, who slipped on the icy lake at Berestnovsk around 20 March, died of hypothermia. He had been spending more than three hours a day in the water swimming at the North Pole Institute, a sort of submarine base, with his wife, Vana. He was in Berestnovsk on a fishing trip with two dozen other tourists. But the group came under attack from eight armed men who came ashore and cut off all their supplies and communications, then went in search of food and provisions. They killed the captain, Vana, and their guides, then tied them to their boats, with Vana lying in the water as the final victim. The group had been fishing for weeks at the lake since a massive typhoon had struck earlier that year. “Ivan Novikov had done this sort of thing many times, and had died of natural causes in the past,” Vana told me. “He wasn’t a sailor, but had used to take part in marinas, where he was always seen in the same clothes and had been seen as a kind of a local hero.” The other people on the pier when the attack happened included the head chef, Dmitriy Khodakevich, who was in the company of a local boy, and their guests, including their waiter, Mikhail Khadka and his cook, Aleksey Biletsky. The group’s boat was anchored off shore when the attack began. After the attack the group fled to the water on the other side of the pier, with Khodakevich, Khadka, Biletsky and the boy being left in the boat. “When the attack began a fight broke out,” Vana said. “All of a sudden one of them, a man in his forties or fifties, attacked two of the group. He killed the chef, while the rest was taken into the water. In the nick of time people came and helped them out,” she said. However, when the group got back in to the dock, the chef and cook had been found dead.

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Why did they kill them?

The man in his forties had a shotgun and a knife in his hands and was brandishing his weapon when he attacked. “After the stabbing he told us, ‘We’re going