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I think that’s a good question to ask yourself.

So is a person cheating when you have that same experience with someone but that person ends up with worse luck? Or is it cheating if it’s someone you have great chemistry with that ends up better off?

Huge numbers of women have said there’s something so wrong with them they are unwilling to discuss or even acknowledge sexual harassment or other misconduct. But when that behavior continues outside of the workplace, it becomes a problem.

In my experience, many women say they don’t have the energy or resolve to challenge their own behaviors. Many of these women are in their late 20s to early 30s. Often, they are seeking careers with great prestige and money, but are unaware of the risk and consequences of a failure to meet the expectations of a male partner. But for women who are under the age of 30, a failure is just a missed opportunity — if they’re lucky.

Here are four common patterns I’ve seen among men who’ve made it to the top of their job. Each illustrates a problem facing women in their thirties.

1. Lack of confidence

How many of you have walked the corridors of a corporate boardroom, where all the male executives and senior directors were men but you were expected to defer to his judgment? You probably felt you had a responsibility to please and serve, especially with your partner’s consent.

And even if she agreed, there’s no sense of entitlement to his approval. In many ways, our culture has replaced the original hierarchy on the corporate scene.

In business, it’s not a question of competence. It’s about the ability to meet a need and be successful. But that’s far easier than meeting women’s needs. As you can see from this picture, most women have far less capacity to be successful in the corporate world outside of meeting deadlines and keeping up with male partners.

2. Lack of self-esteem

I hear it often from young women, “My boss says I’m too fat and ugly. What can I do?”

I think it’s understandable.

Women in most cases have little hope that they’ll reach the top of their fields because they aren’t viewed as worth investing time and effort into. Instead, they view the same job as a place for their career advancement, so they avoid taking risks. As a result, many women, especially those under 30, find careers that will not yield any reward, and have little ambition

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