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Roulette is a card game based on a roulette wheel. You can play for fun or study the probabilities. In some countries, roulette means rolling two wheels. In other countries, roulette is a game like poker with only two wheels. You can play for up to 20 minutes a day. You can also watch online tutorials and video, but sometimes there were errors. In most countries, it takes two people to roll two balls at a time. The first ball is placed on the “roll wheel” and the second ball on the “roll ring”. On the “roll wheel”, if the second ball is in the center, a bonus or loss is indicated, for example +10 on a 12 ball roll or +1 for 3 balls, if they hit the center ball. If both balls are on the edges, the result can be +0.1 or -0.1, which means a 1.5 probability of winning.

In a roulette game, you are always rolling one ball, not two. If the balls go on the edge in the middle, you make a decision. To win, you would spin the wheel quickly and without a single mistake. In some countries, it is illegal because it can confuse children.

How do I spin a roulette wheel?

This can be confusing: A roulette wheel consists of many wheels. If you need to spin a wheel quickly, you will have to rotate the “roll wheel” quickly in order to catch up on a roll to the center wheel. To do this, you have to turn around the wheel once before releasing the ball.

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How do I spin a roulette wheel if I am not familiar with it?

In any country, you are able to learn the roulette wheel on the internet. However, some countries don’t have any internet or don’t allow foreigners to use a computer at home. To learn more about the dice and play roulette, you can visit the roulette website (the link is in this page).

Roulette with numbers in the center of the wheel

How do I tell if a roulette wheel has three balls, four balls, or five balls in the center?

It’s easier to see the ball positions by drawing a circle around your hand and counting the number of balls. The following diagram is good starting point.

What kind of people play roulette?

In some countries, the games are played by adults, while in other

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