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In your opinion, if someone told you to do something and you couldn’t, what would you do?

It doesn’t matter what they say because what they’re saying is useless.

I have a friend who will tell you he’ll never get to the point of quitting smoking because he isn’t stupid enough to believe in it (even though he knows smoking is bad for him). What would he do if asked to choose between quitting and staying?

He’d go for it, because quitting is the only way to stop smoking, and that isn’t possible without a cigarette.

If you’re really sure you want to end up in a bad place, do the least dangerous thing of all, and quit immediately.

One study shows that the vast majority of people who try to quit have done the most harm — by attempting to reduce their consumption. Why? Because there are so many good ways to improve your life.

Most of the harm of the failed attempts to quit comes not from their intentions but from their lack of skill.

The real test is to see if your willpower and perseverance remain the same after a few failures. Then you can determine whether to continue. The people who have actually tried and failed to quit say that it was the persistence of their will that helped them succeed.
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When you give yourself a chance, you’re usually going to get a good one.

You can’t quit smoking if you’re not hungry.

A lot of people try to quit for different reasons, but I think the most interesting is the one that doesn’t make sense. For instance:

You’re a smoker, I’m a vegan, and you want to quit smoking.

A lot of people might disagree to this, but I’m pretty sure every true smoker I know does not want to become a vegan. Most smokers want to quit smoking because they’ve been sick for quite a while — if they ever had to smoke in the first place!

But why would a truly healthy smoker stop smoking if they are already so sick? Maybe they need to cut back a little?

I don’t think so. When one eats, he eats his own body.

I’ve read that smokers who have recently quit also gain weight; they’ve not stopped smoking. I personally know a smoker who, after he had stopped smoking for a year, gained back half of his weight. In other words, if a smoker who is still smoking was to suddenly stop eating and

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