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Start with a $5 bet; then increase your money by $5 every day, until you make a total of $10. Do that for 6 days in a row; the roulette wheel will make you win money twice on average! (There are 8,000,000 possible combinations of winning with a roulette wheel! And they change every time.)

3. What do you do with your money? Buy a new car! Go out to a restaurant and buy a bottle of wine! Spend all your money on whatever’s happening!

4. Is there more money to spend elsewhere? No! How about buying a bigger house?

5. Do not pay more for that bottle of wine!

6. Now you’re in real-world trouble. You are now sitting at home thinking about how you’ll get all of your expenses paid before you go to work and wonder how you do it all.

7. You are sitting and thinking about the time you’ll probably spend each day at work: what will the people at your job do with all your money? What about the hours you’ll be working?

8. What did you just buy? A new car.

9. What exactly did you just buy? A new house.

10. Do you have to pay to ride the elevator? How long do you think you can wait before you do so?

11. If you do not pay for your elevator, what do you do to get there? Drive?

12. What do you do when you stop caring about the elevator ride? You take the car to the subway station!

Image caption More than a quarter of workers in Spain say they are happy with their jobs

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Spain is not the only country in the eurozone facing a job crisis – and some experts suggest it is starting to resemble a Spanish version of the crisis gripping the UK, in 2008 and 2009.

Spain has long had a high unemployment rate, but it is one reason that a growing number of working Spaniards say they do not feel optimistic about the prospects for their future.

For Spain to get out of this crisis and to get back on its feet, the government in Madrid needs to get the unemployment rate down much more rapidly.

If one month on from the financial crisis, for example, the unemployment rate was 15.5%, more than two-thirds of Spaniards would not see a pay rise for more than a year.

The average wage for

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