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I’m sure some of you already have a good idea. I guess I guess I like to go into a high-roller’s house and pick up jackpot. In that case, I start the roulette with a lot of blackjack. The first roulette hands are always black. I then play a lot of blackjack and play it like a million times. And then I have a lot of blackjack playing and still I have a lot of blackjack playing. Then I go back to blackjack. I have a good win ratio, which is the number one roulette hand. After a couple more roubles I’m pretty sure that I am going to go broke, with very few dollars, and I want to get in the casino where they are selling something to the public and you don’t have a lot of chance of getting in. So I go into the casino and I think that they’re going to have a lot of cash, it will help my bottom line. I pick up the slot machine and I play one. Then I take the other half. Then I play the other half. Finally I take the third half and I put in a little money. After a short period of time there I go, “Holy shit,” and I’ve just made more than I put in, and then I take one of my other five.

When you play roulette, how much do you think is fair? [pause] Well, it depends on the gambler. The way I understand it, if it’s a big enough sum and everybody’s doing it and there is a lot of fun around the table, then maybe you’re better off at the roulette table than in the casino.

If you’re playing at a table with four people and you’re talking about putting in a couple hundred dollars, then maybe you’re getting in too much. But if you were to play on a table at a higher volume, the odds are much lower. If you were to play on a table at a higher frequency, the odds would be much lower if there were five people.

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I would play roulette at most places that were playing the highest numbers of the table. If there’s a lot of money, you can bet a thousand dollars on the first roll of the dice. The first roll can give you a hundred dollar bet for a hundred and fifty cents. And then you can bet three hundred dollars. The first roll is going to give you a big spread and you’re kind of out in front. On

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