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A revolver is divided into many chambers, which are filled with powder or lead dust. Most of these chambers are found in the cylinder head and are called extractors. There are two types of extractor: rotary and automatic. This page explains extractors and their uses in the revolver.

Rotary extractor

A rifled revolver, such as in the 1911 (Comes with the barrel), has a rotary extractor at each end, like a lever. It is normally used to extract the case and/or the breech block.

Automatic extractor

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A fully automatic extractor is one that requires a cartridge to be removed before the extractor can function. It is operated by an extractor handle mounted on the barrel. This extractor does not have a rotating chamber. Instead, these extractors operate at the same time as the cylinder. If you pull the handle and extractor simultaneously, the extractor will operate properly, but the cylinder will stay fully cocked (cylinder closed). To change cylinder positions, you must release the extractor handle and turn it to the correct position. Automatic extractors are most common and come with the cylinders.

Muzzle Brake

When you load a revolver and shoot the first shot it makes an audible noise, which stops you from putting the hammer down. This firing sound is caused by the ejector moving back and forth, catching the primer of the cartridge. Your gun needs a muzzle brake to prevent this noise from happening. Your gun will have at least one. A normal, non-battery operated muzzle brake contains one or several brass parts and a spring to guide the cartridge to the mouth of the barrel. On non-battery operated weapons, the spring can be replaced, but with batteries, your revolver can be out of service for months without batteries.


A revolver has one or more magazines that can hold multiple rounds and be used only once. These magazines are not normally used in handguns, so they are often called fixed magazines. They must stay in your revolver for the revolver to work correctly.


The interior of the cylinder is called the cylinder head. Inside are the chambers you would normally use in a revolver of the same weight. In some guns the chambers are also called the cylinder face, which is more difficult to distinguish from the chambers themselves.


Piston chambers are where the hammer and trigger assembly of a revolver are located. They are located

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