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It has three chambers…

If you think of the length of a revolver as your gun’s chamber length, then one chamber is the “rear sight bore” and the others are the magazine/rear sight bore.

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For example: If you have a 16″ long barrel, your rear sight is 12 inches long. Thus, if an 8″ barrel in a revolver is loaded, one of your 3 “rear sight” chambers is 8 inches long.

(Don’t forget you need a good revolver for long range shooting)

It’s easy to see how the “cage” system fits into the revolver. It’s the same system that makes the .357 Sig so long, so the “cage system” is a fairly common method of fitting a revolver to a rifle.

Why has a revolver’s chamber volume been the focus of concern?

It’s largely because of a change to the Colt revolver’s design with the .45 ACP in 1979. The old design, which was basically a .45 Colt with a much reduced barrel extension, did not work too well in the .357 Magnum cartridge, because a .45 ACP’s bullet jacket has a much wider rim than a .357 Magnum’s bullet jacket.

Now, because it’s less bullet jacket area on the rear of a .45 Colt in a .357 Magnum cartridge, the “molecular” jacket of either bullet is more likely to deflect off the front of the cylinder. This can lead to a loss of velocity, even if the cartridge is fired slowly.

It looks like a simple fix for this problem, with a .45 Colt with a flat head, but in reality, the result can be quite a bit worse.

The old .45 Colt’s .45 barrel extension, also known as a “concentric” barrel system, was very popular back in the day. The problem with it, however, is that it didn’t work well with the current .357.

The most common cartridge to have a flat head as its cartridge, the .44 Magnum, has a ringed jacket and is actually a pretty good performer, especially on a .45 ACP.

The .45 Colt is the only other caliber that uses a flat-head in its cylinder, but it’s no big deal. The problem lies in the length of the cylinder and the fact that the ringed jacket does not match the jacket on the bullet.

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