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The roulette wheel uses a spinning rotor to draw an arrow every time it spins.

It’s also important to note that these are just the numbers you use to draw the arrow. You can also spin the wheel using the arrow that’s on it’s face or even the reverse, which is why the arrow appears to disappear at random.

You can see this is true on the left hand side of the diagram below – if you tilt and turn the wheel you can see other numbers on the left or right side.

There may be other ways that the roulette wheel can be manipulated to achieve the desired result, but it is highly important you understand how the game works, otherwise you may find that it’s impossible to win.

Let’s take a quick look at the mechanism of a wheel of roulette.

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Before we go any further, it’s important to note that to win the game the winning numbers are needed to match a particular number on the roulette board, just like on a football.

So that will be our starting number…

Draw the right number and the wheel spins


Turn the wheel 90 degrees towards the centre (if it’s turned on this side, rotate it 90 degrees to one side to avoid getting a draw)

And that’s your number on the wheel – you just need the right number on the wheel to win.

Is all that all there is to it?

But I get the feeling that if you look at a video on YouTube, or read about it in popular books, you might assume the answer is yes.

So what is it that we actually do in the game?

In reality there are four stages to the game – when the wheel is turned there are six possible outcomes, and we’ve all probably seen this happen at least once.

When the wheel is turned there are six possible outcomes, and we’ve all probably seen this happen at least once

At this point we’ve got an arrow pointing up – either a 2 or a 3, or it just bounces right through.

When that’s happened there is only one thing we can do: draw another straight (or a 1 if you prefer) and we continue.

In the real game most people will just hit the 1 on the board, although there are actually two sets of 3’s for those who like to mess around…

At this point the wheel is turned, so the only thing we

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