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A simple RNG roulette, like the coin game, does not have any element of probability. In fact, it’s so pure and uncorrelated to luck. It’s simply an unspoken agreement between the player and the game that will happen. This is similar to the “I can’t miss” rule in basketball. As a result, a player cannot be guaranteed anything unless both teams agree. If one team’s players do not get their shot as planned, the odds will be against their team.

I know you’re tired of me talking about odds, but here goes again. If you play with pure chance, there’s no way you can win. It’s only up to the luck of the draw – luck is purely random. That’s a fact of nature which no random numbers, or cards, or dice can change.

It’s possible, and even likely, to win with pure chance – but you will do so at the expense of your game’s overall enjoyment.

This one is for you.

A local police officer is facing two charges and is no longer on active duty with the San Francisco Police Department, after he was allegedly caught on surveillance video sexually assaulting a 17-year-old in the parking lot of a popular San Francisco bar on Valentine’s Day.

According to police’s own press release, Officer Kevin Schoenfeld, 26, was identified as the suspect because he allegedly assaulted the girl inside the bar. The man who identified himself, said after having his photo taken, he was “very nervous because there was people outside of the bar, and people were just staring at his body.”

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Police say they also took the man’s phone. The video was released to the public by San Francisco resident and activist Shaun King, who spoke to the police for days afterward. According to King, the officer in question was identified based on the officer’s signature in a nearby officer’s patrol car.

The alleged sexual assault took place on Saturday, when video of the alleged sexual assault appeared on Twitter, YouTube, and other social media. As of 11:30 p.m. PST Sunday, the alleged victim was tweeting about what happened. An alleged victim of rape does not have to have a criminal record for rape or sexual assault to take such a step. But the man in the picture of the officer has been arrested on burglary, grand theft, and resisting arrest convictions in the past.


“I would be shocked if he’d never had a

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