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What if we do it on an open bet, and some of them will be the best possible hands (i.e., they’ve taken a bet of less than 6? We’ll see? No, we could never be so lucky):

A good thing to do here is to calculate each player’s total hands. And the average of those hands is our roulette number, which we can compute without any risk. To do math like this would be to be overly paranoid, but we do so because we’re only concerned about what a player is doing with a roulette wheel. We don’t care about what the wheel says about the cards. And for most players this would be okay, because if they have a good roulette wheel then they can use it.

However, if it comes out that our wheel will be biased, then something is amiss. Our wheel will have some extra cards in it that are not good. And, of course, if your roulette wheel is biased and there are bad (bad!) cards in it then it is unlikely that any of those cards will actually win the hand, though it may be worth it for you to take a bet. For example, suppose you bet $1 for the first card. For a person with a bad $1 hand all bets are made on the bad card, and in that case there’s a 100% chance of winning $2, 100% chance of winning nothing, and so on. If you don’t know the exact odds of that bad card being good, you should not even worry about a $1 bet.

With roulette, however, if you assume the roulette wheel is being biased, then you are taking a bet on a good card that is only 6% likely. When you know the odds against all $1 bets, you can see clearly that it isn’t the best thing to risk such a bet. And if you think the wheel is unbiased, you must also think it is biased enough that any good cards you get may not be worth the cost.

This is the kind of thing that we should be worrying about in our game, and if it is, we don’t want to take those kind of risky bets. Therefore we should try to eliminate bad or biased roulette numbers without making any other bets, as illustrated by this graph (from the article):

The graph shows some probability distributions from the last article: in the top 2,000 there are 2,800 hands that will win at least one game

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