Is RNG roulette rigged?

I’ve been saying for months that the RNG in Super Smash Bros. is rigged; it is, with the exception of the “3rd Strike”. In Super Smash Brothers Melee, the only game in which RNG effects the game in any meaningful and significant way, you can use any combination of 3 stocks, 8 minute time limit, or 10 minute time limit. For some reason, however, the first game in Super Smash Brothers for the GameCube only allowed you to use the RNG to select 5 stocks (2 minutes), no time limit, and a single minute advantage. The game was removed from sale as soon as the official update for the GameCube came out, and no one knew why they were removed. The mystery of why they were removed has now been solved by developer IceFrog and, quite literally, it’s an all-out war.

The RNG that is used is the last piece of the puzzle. While the RNG in the previous games is extremely random, most RNG effects will come through one factor: a player’s character or character’s special move. That said, there’s another factor that does change everything, the amount of stamina (Stam) that the character has. This factor is determined, by default, by the player, but can be changed under the Options menu. Each character (excluding Bowser and Mewtwo) has a starting stamina stat that determines how many stamina bars they have; Mario does not have a stamina meter because he cannot run while on the ground. This factor, when used, will always reduce the stamina of the character that caused the effect, whether or not that effect occurs a certain amount of times. The amount of stamina that a character has is determined by the amount of times their last used moves (for those of you who have played Melee a lot, these include Smash R, Neutral B, and Down B) were cancelled at the time. If you know how to time the perfect cancel, all you would have to do is set it to your characters last used attack, as well as a counter. If a character’s last used move was canceled, they do not have any remaining stamina. This factor works for both characters, and therefore, it is always the case that the RNG uses stamina.
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The effect of the number of stamina that is set to a character is very minor, and the most noticeable effect is on characters that are immune to any kind of damage (e.g. Mewtwo). As long as they have no stamina remaining