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When you are putting money down at roulette, it is generally a white “square,” and when you have drawn, the color goes to the upper-left. As you move, the color in the roulette’s wheel moves to the left or right depending on where the color was last seen in the wheel.

It’s a lot easier to tell when a card has been drawn by the spot where it was last seen rather than it by how it looks in the roulette wheel.

When you have a chance to draw a card, don’t count it out until you’re ready.

When a card has been drawn, just sit there as we mentioned. The spot at which it was last seen is pretty important and can be seen quite clearly by all. To ensure your cards are not caught in the action of roulette, avoid looking at the cards while they are being removed from the roulette wheel, which may create some excitement.

What do I do if I’m being held up at the roulette table?

If you’re being held back at the roulette table, please give us a call at (800) 469-1818 if you have any questions. You can also come inside the roulette room during normal business hours.

Please be aware that not all our roulette tables are equipped to accommodate our guests. Please be safe as you play by always knowing where you are and what floor you are on. Also, be sure to look at the roulette wheel where you’re sitting for a visual inspection before the game starts.

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