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It depends on what color you draw in the roulette wheel: a black, red, yellow, orange, and green.

Cannibalism is a natural human tendency, we all have some kind of compulsion to eat and kill.

The most common case is an impulse or instinct.

A common form of self defense is cannibalism, especially where a member of the same species is the victim. Most usually the only food consumed is the corpse of the other species. They are cannibalistic because they are looking out for themselves. It isn’t like killing other animals or birds because they will leave and don’t take care of themselves, this is just self preservation.

Cannibals eat the dead, it just so happens it’s a very tasty meal.
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In fact, sometimes this can be so delicious the cannibalist won’t bother with the rest. I’m sure this happens frequently since it provides a huge supply of food. Sometimes a cannibal won’t eat the flesh of the animal he killed. He can be found eating leaves of the dead animal.

The majority of cannibalistic behavior starts out with an internal urge. In other words, if the person starts to get a little bit violent, he or she becomes even more uncontrollable, then they can end up with an uncontrollable eating behavior.

It doesn’t matter how many times you beat your head against the wall with an axe, you won’t break it, so don’t be surprised if your head is repeatedly smashed against a wall several time before you kill yourself.

Cannibalism is an animal’s natural behavior. Not all animals are cannibals, most people try to escape a predator and usually do it successfully, but some of them will kill something by mistake.

Cannibalism is a survival trait.

An animal like a deer takes advantage of other animals’ tendency to kill themselves when they are threatened. It’s called in the animal world like a survival tool or poison against its predator. In other words, by eating the animal, you save itself by killing the predator as well.

If the animal dies from a lack of supplies, like lack of meat, you can eat the corpse, or you can go ahead and give him a new start by helping him build his new home in the forest.

There is nothing wrong with eating others when you have no alternative. However, not doing so for survival purposes is wrong because the cannibalistic behavior is also dangerous because if a cannibal

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