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First, don’t be fooled by the small print. In roulette, the player can win only $1,000 or play “a” roulette. The number “A” corresponds to the value of your chosen number, 0 to 4. This is where the real fun begins. As you pick your numbers, you select a “slot” of dice. These slots allow you to use roulette balls and are used in pairs to determine winning numbers. Here is the description of each roulette ball.

0 Roll a dice (number 0)

1 Roll a dice (number 1)

2 Roll a dice (number 2)

3 Roll a dice (number 3)

4 Roll a die (number 4)

5 Roll a dice (number 5)

6 Roll a die (number 6)

7 Roll a die (number 7)

4 is called the “pot” and is played on the table so that you get a number on the top row of the dice of your choice.

6 is known as the “ball” and is not played on the table but played in the slot.

7 is called and is not played on the table but played in the slot. You can never win “A” or “A” again.

You are allowed to bet up to $4,000, which can be paid out with cash or checks. Most casinos accept cash only or with an acceptable amount of casino chips.

If the value of the number of roulette balls is less than $1,000, you pay a minimum of $1 per roulette ball.

If the value of the number of roulette balls exceeds $1,000, you pay a full $2,500 per roulette ball.

The casino usually issues more than one number of balls, but it does not matter at what price.

How many roulette bets may be made against any specific number? If you buy in multiple numbers (from any number to 1 up to $4,000), you may place up to 4,000 bets per number. These may be combined and paid out in any number you wish. The amount you pay on a single number is less than the maximum amount you may place.

What are the rules of casino roulette? Casino roulette is played as follows. You place your bets on a slot in a number from 0 to 4 and win or lose one of the specified roulette balls

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